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Mission… Agian

Here is the mission… agian ūüôĄ . I really hate doing this:
1. Chat with the Green Penguin.
2. Tell the penguin to close the door.
3. Go into the office and look under the couch. Get the paperclip and the computer card.
4. Turn on the computer on and put in the disk.
5. Click on my file then click combinaion_number.
6. Write down the numbers and to the gift shop.
7. Put the combination number into the vault.
8. Talk to the Green Penguin and your Spy Phone will ring.
9. Go into the HQ.
10. G will say to watch the video. Click the screen he points to and watch the video.
11. After you watch the video g will tell you to go to the roof. He will open the drawers and gat the first one. Put it in your inventory.
12. Go back to the office. Use the key to open the rooftop.
13. You will see a box which says Powa Box. Open it with the wrench on your spy shone.
14. Go into the box and throw the paper clip to turn of the power.
15. Before you go back to the Gift Shop, collect the white furs near the Powa Box.
16. Go to the Vault and click the pile of coins.
17. Go to the HQ and talk to g.
18. He will tell you if you found else. Tell him you got some white fur and give him the fur.
19. G will tell you to get the power back on in the Night Club.
20. Then go to the town.
21. Talk to the crying penguin.
22. Go to the Night Club and use the or Night-vision goggles to see your way through into the Boiler Room.
23. When you get the boiler room, find the fuse box.
24. Try to complete the puzzle by making all the buttons the same color (I just keep click ’till it works. Make sure youclick different boxes if you do it like that)
25. Go to the HQ and talk to g.
26. Get your medal and your thank you card.

You Win!!!!!!!!!!

April 1, 2007 Posted by | Hints | 137 Comments


Here is the stuff in the party: Propeller Cap: fly-hat.png. Mask: graco-marks-glasses.png. Mabey when I’m in a better mood i’ll fix it up and stuff.

March 31, 2007 Posted by | Hints, Notices | 44 Comments

Walk On Coffee Shop And Stand In Doorways

Walk on coffee shop

1. First go to the mountain.

2. Then walk over to BunnyHill.

3. Before you get there open the map.

4. Then wait untill you start.

5. Go to the town.

6. Type a letter and you are wallking on the walls!

Stand in doorways

1. Click on the doorway.

2. Repetitively press w.

3. You are standing in the doorways!

December 15, 2006 Posted by | Glitches, Hints | 375 Comments

Time Warp Fix

Some people have had trouble doing the time warp cheat. Now I finaly know why. Here is the right way to do it:

1. Make sure Club Penguin is not open!

2. Move the curser to the bottom of the screen.

3. Click the time.

4. Change the time to the future ex. 2011.

5. Click apply.

6. Click enter.

7. Go on Club Penguin

This should work ūüôā

December 14, 2006 Posted by | Glitches, Hints | 305 Comments

Walk With The Newspaper And Make Your Puffle Do Stuff When You Are Not At Your Igloo!

Walk with the news

1. First go to Http://play.clubpenguin/load.swf

2. Then go to the lodge attic

3. Wait till someone starts a game of find four

4. Click yes you want to play then quickly click the couch

5. Do the dance with newpaper glitch, It is in Hints,Tips and Glitches

6. Exit the Find Four card

7. Use the map to go some where else

8. Go back to the lodge attic and you will be walking with the news 


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P.S. You can’t see your self do it


Make your puffle do stuff when you are not in your igloo

1. Click your puffle

2. Use the map to go somewhere

3. Click an action and your puffle will do it at your igloo 


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December 10, 2006 Posted by | Glitches, Hints | 89 Comments

No Ban Glitch!

Here is a realy cool glitch. DO NOT WATCH IF UNDER AGE 13. You will get in trouble if you are under 13. Do not be offended, here it is Cool isn't it. To do it go in your igloo and make sure it is closed and nobody is in it. Then do whatever you want you will not get banned!

P.S. If they fix it and you get banned don't blame me.

December 6, 2006 Posted by | Funny, Glitches, Hints, News | 92 Comments

SWF Page Info

The swf page is The swf page is the shock version of ClubPenguin. 

ohhhhhh that’s what it is

Custom Smiley  It is the only page where all ClubPenguin glitches work. Electric  There are many things you can do including walk on walls, dance with the news, The hockey glitch during the sports party and every single glitch works. I hope you have fun with it. Enjoy!

 Running Man 

December 5, 2006 Posted by | Glitches, Hints, News | 87 Comments

How To Be A Sceret Agent

  In case anyone is brand new to Club Penguin here is how to be a secret agent.

1. You must either be 30 days old or use my time warpZany cheat.

2. Click the “M” on the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Click “Become A Secret Agent.”

4. Answer the test as most honestly, responsibly and most innocent as you can.

5. Now next time you log in you will be an agent.


Now i’m an agent!!!!!!

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December 4, 2006 Posted by | Hints, News | 50 Comments

Time Warp

If you are not old enough to be a secret agent Laser Gun  I know how to be one. You Are The Man  First click where it says the time. Then you should go to a screen that lets you ajust the time. Then change the time to the future and you will be older. Shocked  Hope this helps you!

December 2, 2006 Posted by | Glitches, Hints | 384 Comments

New Catolog Secrets

Today a new catalog came out. Now non-members can get the lime green. Anyway there are 4 secret items. To get the Quilted Vest click on the pizza. To get the Red Viking Helmet click the snowboarding helmet then press where it says Viking Helmet. To get the Blue Viking Helmet click the Red Viking Helmet 4 times. Also click the hockey helmet to get the ski goggles.

December 1, 2006 Posted by | Hints | 49 Comments

Secret Places

Here are the two seceret places for anyone who does not know where they are,

Hope this helps

P.S. The member party is in the dojo.

November 24, 2006 Posted by | Hints | 281 Comments