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Time Warp

If you are not old enough to be a secret agent Laser Gun  I know how to be one. You Are The Man  First click where it says the time. Then you should go to a screen that lets you ajust the time. Then change the time to the future and you will be older. Shocked  Hope this helps you!


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New Igloo

 Trapped Ornament On the 15th you will be able to get a Christmas style igloo. It will be a big help to winning the Christmas Decoration Contest. So start saving up your money and get ready. Good luck! Sunshine 

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 Clapping Hands My site now has over 2,000 hits. Scared 1  A hit is how many people visit. Thank you for choosing my site for clubpenguin help. Clapping Hands  I think we should have more hits. What do you think? Any way, thank you!! Roll  

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Christmas Decorating Contest

 Merry Christmas Santa There will be a Christmas decorating contest. It will be from the 15th to the 18th. On the 15th there will also be a new catolog ond new igloo design. Hope you do good on the contest. Happy decorating!

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New Smilies

Here is a cool smily. Have A Nice Day You will see more around my page soon. Hope you like em’.

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