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How To Be A Sceret Agent

  In case anyone is brand new to Club Penguin here is how to be a secret agent.

1. You must either be 30 days old or use my time warpZany cheat.

2. Click the “M” on the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Click “Become A Secret Agent.”

4. Answer the test as most honestly, responsibly and most innocent as you can.

5. Now next time you log in you will be an agent.


Now i’m an agent!!!!!!

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December 4, 2006 Posted by | Hints, News | 50 Comments

Christmas Decorating Contest Warning!!!!



Custom Smiley Attention all members trying to win the contest, DO NOT start decorating your igloo yet! To win the contest you need to have the Christmas stlyle igloo. When you buy the igloo all your furnature will go into   storage.Faint Then you need to start decorating agian. I recomend saving up your money, DO NOT start decorating your igloo!!!!!!Troop Smiley 1

December 4, 2006 Posted by | Warning | 25 Comments

Member Time!!!!

  Attention non-members now is the time to be a member. It is around ChristmasSanta and membership is a great present. the prices are not very expensive. Here are the prices:

1 month = $5.95

6 months = $29.95

12 months = $57.95

Club Penguin does’nt make it very expensive because it is not there job. 

Merry Membership

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December 4, 2006 Posted by | News | 129 Comments