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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but here is a funny thing. The puffle food says not to use if your puffle is allergic to applesauce:ih.png. But my puffle is allergic to apple sauce:other-ih.png.


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Club Penguin

Listen up everyone, this site is about Club Penguin. I realized some people come to my site without knowing what Club Penguin is. ROTFL  I know it sounds weird but its true. Club Penguin is a game where you have a penguin Penguin  and you live as it. You buy pets celebrate partys and make your igloo. If you don’t have a acount I reccomend you make one. To make one go to http://play.clubpenguin/. Then click login and click create an acount and then you have an account. Wakka Wakka 

P.S. Here is Club Penguin’s secondery logo

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This is really weird. Eyes PoppinGizmo’s password is anything. If you make the password anything it says he is banned forever. I tried it with every other moderator, Billybob, Rsnail, Happy77, Cpiscool, Screenhog and none of them do that. Thinking 

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No Ban Glitch!

Here is a realy cool glitch. DO NOT WATCH IF UNDER AGE 13. You will get in trouble if you are under 13. Do not be offended, here it is Cool isn't it. To do it go in your igloo and make sure it is closed and nobody is in it. Then do whatever you want you will not get banned!

P.S. If they fix it and you get banned don't blame me.

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Gizmo Is Banned Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Today I found Gizmo’s password!CrazyI also learned he is banned forever. If you don’t believe me try this,

Username: Gizmo

 Password: gizmo

 Go one his account, It’s true.

It’s true!!!!!!!

Custom Smiley  Believe me and spiky hair guy, its true.

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 Clapping Hands My site now has over 2,000 hits. Scared 1  A hit is how many people visit. Thank you for choosing my site for clubpenguin help. Clapping Hands  I think we should have more hits. What do you think? Any way, thank you!! Roll  

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New Smilies

Here is a cool smily. Have A Nice Day You will see more around my page soon. Hope you like em’.

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These are really cool. They are called smileys I know 3 that I want to show you. I know  🙂 😦 and ❗ . To make them put your curser over them then type what it says. They are really cool.

P.S. This only works on blogs.

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Old Club Penguin

This is pretty cool. It is the old club penguin. First go to this link, then click “chat now.” Then make a username, and choose your penguin. Then you can walk or skate around. Hope you like it.

P.S. It is unsensored so you may be offended.

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White and Nerdy Club Penguin

This is a Club Penguin version of a Wierd Al song, Hope you like it. It is a remix of ridin’ dirty.

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Funny video

Here is a funny video on club penguin,


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Moderator Ban!

This is a clip proving happy77 is banned,

I am amazed he/she is banned.

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