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Catching up… Continued

Click here for a green hat

Click there for a red viking helmet

then open and close the red viking helmet for a blue one

And for snorkling
Because no penguin can see underwater 😀

and the new pin this is prety cool. you move the mouse over the place i made a circle then it makes an anvil

And another free item is the wizard hat in the lighthouse

Have fun!!


May 23, 2008 Posted by | Glitches | 161 Comments

Ughhh… catching up

Seems like club penguin hired me a welcoming party xD

Didn’t i predict a yellow puffle???

I spy a pin at the coffe shop

And i spy some clothes at the dock

Uhmmmmm click that and drag it downn

is that supposed to happeN??


lol they added hair, also click there to get the secret one

now back to clothing catalog secrets

Click here

Get this

get a cheesy holy tie

Ill post more tommorow (theres probaly soe more hidden clothes) IM REALLY TIRED RITE NOW

p.s hehe this took about 2 hours to find this stuff 😦

May 22, 2008 Posted by | Glitches | 65 Comments

Hi guys

hehe u miss me? i stopped playing club penguin cuz it started getting boring…. but today i was playing around and looking at other sites. wow you guys are mad.. so im back ill post a lil and get you glitches but not as much as before 😦 but some is beter then none

P.s my membership is gone and im not gonna play club penguin enough to want to buy it back so ill be memberless for a while 😀

May 22, 2008 Posted by | Glitches | 32 Comments