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Sled Mission

1) The secret word is mogul, tell that to agent G.
2) You DON’T have to finish the sled test just crash it as soon as you can to get it over with!
3) Pick up the unbroken ski and the rope from the crash site, then get 3 berries from the bush.
4) Feed the black puffle with the O berries from the bush.
5) Then get the log (at the river).
6) Use the ski, rope, and an O berry to make a fishing rod and catch a fish.
7) Get the pan out of the tree by keep clicking on the bottom of the tree (go to where you get the black puffle then go to the left).
8 ) Fill the pan with water at the river.
9) Go to the cave and click one of the rocks surrounding the fire.
10) Put the log and the survival Guide on the fire.
11) Feed the puffle your O berry, he should start the fire.
12) Put the fish and the pan on the fire and fall asleep after you eat them.

Then go out side and you completed the mission!


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